Dr Nick Thompson

Dr Nick Thompson will be a featured speaker at Edition Dog Live, an exciting event for dog enthusiasts. You will have the unique opportunity to meet and engage with Nick throughout the day. Don't miss the chance to listen to his insightful talks in the hub, where he'll share his expertise and passion for holistic pet care, offering valuable insights for a healthier and happier life for your dog. Join us at Edition Dog Live for an enriching experience with Nick Thompson!

Dr Nick Thompson hails from Oxford, UK, and spent his formative years in Chipping Norton, nestled in England's picturesque Cotswolds region. His educational journey led him to the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh. While pursuing his veterinary medicine and surgery degrees, Dr. Thompson also embarked on an honours degree in pathological sciences. His focus primarily revolved around immunology, yet he gleaned insights into various disciplines, including molecular biology, virology, bacteriology, and parasitology.

Dr Thompson's career unfolded across diverse regions of the UK, with a pivotal shift towards homoeopathy in 1993 when he joined the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, working in collaboration with the Faculty of Homeopathy. Simultaneously, he engaged in a comprehensive Homeopathic Professionals Teaching Group course. This period marked a significant transition from conventional veterinary practices to integrating alternative and conventional therapies within his primary care practice.

In 1998, Dr. Thompson achieved IVAS Certification in veterinary Acupuncture, a milestone in his journey towards holistic healthcare. That same year, he successfully passed membership exams administered by the Faculty of Homeopathy.

Today, Dr Nick Thompson operates Holistic Vet Ltd, located in Bath at the Apthorp Centre for Chiropractic and Holistic Therapies, where he continues to blend his expertise in veterinary medicine, Acupuncture, and homoeopathy to provide comprehensive care for his patients.

You can join Nick for his talks in the Demo & Talk Hub and on stand number 174 throughout the day to ask all your questions.