Animal Neuropathy (new for 2024)

Journey into Animal Neuropathy, a field rapidly gaining recognition for its remarkable benefits in enhancing canine health and happiness.

This year, we are thrilled to feature Cat Hamilton, a renowned expert in Animal Neuropathy. With a deep understanding and compassionate approach, Cat has transformed dogs' lives and their owners' lives. Through her insightful sessions, she will unveil the mysteries of this groundbreaking practice and demonstrate how it can unlock a new dimension of health for your dog.

You can meet Cat for a chat and to discover how this approach can help your dog in her designated hub throughout the day.

Discover the Power of Touch: Learn how neuropathic techniques can alleviate pain, reduce stress, and promote healing in dogs, offering a non-invasive solution to improve their quality of life.

Interactive Learning Experience: Cat Hamilton will not only share her knowledge but also provide live demonstrations, making the science of animal neuropathy accessible and engaging for every pet parent.

Personalised Guidance: This is your chance to interact with Cat Hamilton throughout the day at her stand. Dive deep into your dog's needs and walk away with tailored advice that could reshape your dog's health journey.

Whether you're a devoted dog owner, a budding veterinarian, or simply a pet lover eager to learn more, this feature at Edition Dog Live 2024 is your gateway to understanding the profound impact of Animal Neuropathy. Don't miss the opportunity to connect with Cat Hamilton and explore how this innovative approach can nurture a stronger, happier bond between you and your dog.

Join us and be part of a movement that's setting a new standard for canine care and wellness. Your journey to a deeper understanding and a healthier, happier pet starts here at Edition Dog Live 2024!