Enrichment Play Zone (New for 2024)

Join us this year at Edition Dog Live 2024 for an exciting addition to our annual event—the Enrichment Play Zone, brought to you by the innovative team at Cub, Kit & Co. Open throughout the day, this unique area invites you and your dog to dive into a world of fun, bonding, and learning. Remember - If you are visiting without your dog you can still join in with the fun.

Enrichment activities are crucial for a dog’s development and well-being, offering both mental stimulation and physical exercise. They help to prevent boredom and reduce the likelihood of behavioural issues stemming from inactivity. At the Enrichment Play Zone, you'll see first-hand how engaging with a variety of toys and activities can enhance your dog's daily life.

No matter your dog’s age or size, the Enrichment Play Zone has something to offer. Our space is designed to accommodate everyone, from tiny puppies to senior dogs, ensuring that each participant finds joy and stimulation at their own pace and comfort level.

Spending time in the Play Zone isn’t just fun for your dog—it’s a chance for you to strengthen your bond. By actively participating in enrichment activities with your dog, you'll gain insights into their preferences and behaviours, enhancing your connection and understanding of each other.

Curious about how to integrate enrichment toys into your dog’s routine? The passionate experts from Cub, Kit & Co will be on-site to share their knowledge and guide you through the selection process. Learn about the benefits of different toys and how they can cater to your dog’s unique personality and abilities.

With guidance from the Cub, Kit & Co team, discover toys that align with your dog’s specific needs and abilities. From puzzle toys that challenge their intellect to active toys that improve their physical health, every item in our zone is designed to bring out the best in your furry friend.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to explore, learn, and play at the Enrichment Play Zone. Visit us at Edition Dog Live 2024 to give your dog a day of joy, enrichment, and unforgettable memories!