Fun Dog Show (New for 2024)

We're thrilled to announce an exciting new addition to Edition Dog Live 2024: the Fun Dog Show! This special event is designed to bring together dog lovers and their dogs for a day filled with joy, competition, and community spirit. Best of all, entry to the show is absolutely FREE, making it accessible for everyone to join in the fun.

Every dog has its day! This is a fantastic opportunity for your dog to shine in the limelight and show off their unique traits and talents. 

There are fabulous prizes for the first, second, and third place winners in each class, adding a little extra thrill to the competition.

Even if you're not competing, there are plenty of reasons to attend and watch the Fun Dog Show. The Fun Dog Show is guaranteed to be a delight for spectators of all ages, featuring a variety of dog breeds and a host of entertaining competitions. It’s a fun dog show designed to celebrate the joy and love that dogs bring to our lives, reinforcing the special bond humans have with their dogs.

The Fun Dog Show at Edition Dog Live 2024 promises to be an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all. With no entry fee and open registration, we encourage you to consider entering your dog into the competition or join us as a spectator.

Our Fun Dog Show is hosted in Hall 1 and you can register for entry in the hub next to the dog show arena. Classes include;

  • Best Treat Catcher
  • Musical Sits
  • Balancing Act
  • Stop on the Spot
  • Temptation Alley
  • Best Trick
  • Best Mover
  • Young Handler
  • Waggiest Tail
  • Best Begging Eyes
  • Golden Oldie
  • Best Rescue Journey
  • Best Survivor Journey  
  • Looks like owner
  • Best Pedigree
  • Best Crossbreed
  • Cutest Dog Friends
  • Best Rare Breed