Pawsitive Impact Village (new for 2024)

Welcome to the "Pawsitive Impact Village," the heart and soul of Edition Dog Live 2024, where your dog leads the way to making a difference! This bustling village is more than just a gathering; it's a vibrant hub where passion for pets and community spirit unite.

At the village's core, organisations, charities, and clubs beckon you to embark on a journey alongside your dog to touch lives and foster connections. Discover how your dog can be more than a pet but a catalyst for change and a beacon of joy in the community.

Clubs and organisations are eager to show you the countless ways your dog can leave paw prints of kindness and joy in the community. From educational workshops to interactive activities, every corner of the Pawsitive Impact Village offers an opportunity to deepen your bond with your dog and make a lasting impact.

Join us at Edition Dog Live 2024 and be part of a movement where love for dogs and commitment to the community come together to create something truly magical. See you at the Pawsitive Impact Village – where every wagging tail tells a story of love, healing, and unity!