Stoneleigh Rally (new for 2024)

Prepare for an unparalleled experience at this year's Edition Dog Live 2024 as we roll out the red carpet for the fantastic team from Stoneleigh Rally! Stoneleigh Rally is here to introduce dog enthusiasts and their beloved pets to the joys and benefits of this dynamic sport.

Step into the Stoneleigh Rally Hub and immerse yourself in everything Rally offers. This hub isn't just a place; it's a vibrant community where dog lovers unite over their shared passion. It's where you'll uncover how Rally can enhance your dog's fitness and happiness.

The Stoneleigh Rally team is excited to share the essence of this engaging sport with you. Discover how simple commands can evolve into intricate routines, fostering a deep bond of understanding and trust between you and your furry companion.

Rally is not just about the sport but the heartwarming community that comes with it. Connect with fellow dog lovers, share experiences, and revel in the joy of seeing your dog flourish.

So, grab your leash and mark your calendars for a day filled with discovery, connection, and paw prints on your heart.

About Stoneleigh Rally

Rachel Bradley founded Stoneleigh Rally with a vision to introduce the engaging world of KC Rally, utilizing contemporary, positive reinforcement training methods. The academy offers comprehensive training across all KC Rally levels, guiding participants from their initial steps to achieving the prestigious Level 6 Excellent title. The curriculum includes essential skills for this journey, such as clicker training, ensuring a well-rounded development for both handler and dog.

The dedicated training squad is deeply involved in the sport with their dogs and hold official recognition as qualified KC Rally Judges. This blend of personal passion and professional expertise ensures that their training is empathetic and authoritative.

At Stoneleigh Rally, they celebrate diversity, welcoming dogs of all breeds, sizes, and shapes. KC Rally stands out as a sport of inclusivity, where family pets can participate alongside their owners or add an extra layer of engagement for those already involved in other canine activities. It's not uncommon to see a petite Chihuahua, a majestic Saint Bernard, and a cherished rescue dog sharing the spotlight in a KC Rally lineup, proving that the spirit of companionship transcends breed and background.

The training grounds are located at the prestigious Kennel Club Building in Stoneleigh, a venue synonymous with excellence in the canine world. Here, dogs enjoy a spacious indoor area with a sturdy floor, complemented by access to outdoor paddocks during the summer months. This versatility allows them to offer consistent training sessions in various conditions, perfectly preparing dogs for indoor and outdoor competitions.

Stoneleigh Rally is proud to be a Kennel Club Listed Club, a testament to their commitment to maintaining the highest dog training and welfare standards.