Canine Hoopers

Have you ever tried Canine Hoopers? If not let Vickie Barker, Accredited Canine Hoopers Instructor, tempt you. Based in their designated hub you can join in with this activity throughout the day and hear more about what makes this canine activity unique. The team will also be giving a demonstration in our Live Arena, giving you the opportunity to see the experienced handlers and their dogs in action.

Why this activity?  

There are many types of activities and sports we can take part in with our pet dogs around the UK and one that is rapidly becoming incredibly popular is Canine Hoopers!

Hoopers is a sport with little to no impact meaning puppies can start training towards Hoopers exercises easily with and without the equipment, senior dogs or dogs with disabilities can take part with the same equipment as other dogs in their class so no one feels left out!

Like Agility, Hoopers works towards building courses with the equipment for owner and dog teams to navigate and the only changes of direction are with Barrels which dogs go around so there are no sharp turns, removing the risk of pressure on shoulders and hips through repetition of turning sharply. The equipment involved are stand up Hoops to go through, tall Barrels to go around, 1 and 2 meter Tunnels to go through in a straight line and the Touch and Go mat that dogs run straight across. Put together these create a course where dogs can navigate equipment in straight lines, curves, working ahead and really for at their own pace!

All of the Hoopers Groups in the UK work towards the same rules, equipment etc and are based in various parts of the UK meaning it’s possible for all of us to find someone teaching Hoopers not too far away!!