Dog Parkour

Have a go at the new sport that strengthens your relationship to your dog and helps it overcome anxieties through games-based training! Visit our designated  hub to find out more and experience this activity first hand. The team will also be giving a demonstration in our Live Arena, giving you the opportunity to see the experienced handlers and their dogs in action.

What is dog parkour? Dog parkour is a new and amazing dog sport that encourages your dog to interact with its nearby environment in a fun way. By playing games with your dog that incorporate the environment, your dog will come to discover that the world does not need to be a big and scary place – but can instead be an amazing and fun place as long as he or she is training with its owner. Getting your dog to run around trees, stretch against walls, balance on different objects and crawling under obstacles, your dog will also develop a healthy amount of muscle mass, improve its body-awareness, and become properly mentally stimulated opposed to pure physical exercise.

The sport is appropriate for all sizes of dogs and can be adapted to suit any age as well. When helping your dog to succeed in these games, you are also helping your dog build more confidence and self-esteem. A low self-esteem is often the root of many anxieties, and by teaching your dog to trust more in itself, it can overcome many of these symptoms and feelings.

Why this activity?

Another great aspect of training dog parkour with your dog is that it does not only boost your relationship, but it can also teach your dog to walk more nicely on its leash. Instead of the daily walks only being about walking and sniffing, you can turn them into amazing opportunities to play with your dog and get many positive experiences together. By using some of the dog parkour games during your normal walks, your dog will figure out how fun it is to be with you – even on the otherwise ‘’boring’’ walks where we owners tend not to communicate much with our dogs. This will in turn make the dog be more attentive of you when going for walks, as it will become used to having fun with you on those walks. There will therefore no longer be any reason to hurry towards that super interesting distraction in the far distance that makes your dog pull on its leash – it will now prefer to stay with you and do dog parkour!

Dog Parkour is an amazing sport in itself in which you can also earn titles for your dog. However, it is also a great supplementary training for any other dog sport! You get a more flexible and stronger, and thereby faster dog, for agility. Your flyball dog can build a more even muscle mass around its body. Your obedience dog will find it more fun to be with you. And finally, you can get lots of inspiration for new tricks for your disc dog and dog dancing dog!