27th August, 2023,from 9am-5pm, NAEC Stoneleigh, Coventry, CV8 2LG.

Take Part


Take part with or without your dog and learn something new! 

Our team of professionals will give you the chance to learn some new skill, experience something new and demonstrate the importance of their profession in keeping your dog healthy and happy. Join our professionals and teach your dog some new tricks.

Have a go agility
Aimed at complete beginners and for all ages this activity will be a lot of fun and laughs. 

Canine Massage
Join The Canine Massage Guild for an unmissable have a go Canine Massage session. Learn a couple of massage techniques that you can safely use at home. It’s great fun, helps your dog and is a fantastic bonding experience.  

Dog Yoga
Yes, dogs can do yoga. Don't believe us then join Caroline Wilkinson as she allows your dog to show you its finest yoga poses. Another unique bonding experience and skills you can then practice at home.

Have a go Canicross
This is your chance to have a go at Canicross. Come along and experience why this canine sport has been growing in popularity. Suitable for complete beginners and all ages. 

Canine first aid
Join the team from Dog First Aid Training to learn some key first aid tips, such as canine CPR, so you can be there for your dog when they need you most. 

Training sessions
Sarah Roper will host sessions throughout the day each one aimed at giving you an insight into the latest training techniques and focusing on a different aspect. Sarah writes for our magazine and she will also be on hand during the day for training advice.

Rob Fellows explains the health benefits of Reiki for your dog and teaches you a few techniques that you can carry out at home. Another great bonding experience and suitable for all ages. 

Holistic Dog Grooming
There is so much more to holistic dog grooming than the products used. Stephanie Jarvie will host our grooming hub which is open all day offering both demonstrations and advice on grooming your dog. The hub seating area also allows you to meet other groomers.

Another one of our more relaxing activities but just as fun. Join Caroline Griffith and her team in our dog chill out zone to hear more about the fine art of meditation. This is particularly great for anxious or dogs who find it hard to stop. Suitable for all ages.

Canine Nutrition
A key aspect in ensuring your dog is at its healthiest is their nutrition. Join a team of experts and our journalist & canine nutritionist, Carole Sandhu, throughout the day to find out more about your dog's diet and listen to her explain important points you should be aware of.