Angela Day (new for 2024)

Experience a day of learning and interaction with Angela Day at Edition Dog Live. Engage in a hands-on session with Angela, where you can actively participate in core conditioning exercises for your dog to improve their strength and overall wellbeing. Immerse yourself in knowledge during Angela's informative sessions at the talk hub, where she'll share valuable insights drawn from her extensive experience. Throughout the day, seize the opportunity to meet Angela personally at her exhibition stand. It's a chance to connect, ask questions, and better understand how you can enhance your dog's health and happiness under Angela's expert guidance.

Angela Day MCICM (Grad.), CM(Dip.), MIAAT, MIRVAP (MT), the founder of Born to Run and The Canine Advocate, has consistently aimed to excel in her endeavours throughout her life. Her achievements span various sports, including karate, sprinting, long-distance running, hockey, netball, and fencing. Angela initially harboured a strong interest in health, aspiring to careers in veterinary science and later in physiotherapy. However, her journey took a different path, leading her into the corporate world, where she started in an accounts office.

Angela has always been self-motivated and unafraid to step outside her comfort zone, a trait that has become a norm for her. She swiftly ascended the corporate ladder, investing her energy passionately into every role she undertook. Despite her corporate success, Angela eventually recognised her desire for a life with more freedom to enjoy time with her family and find personal fulfilment. She found her calling in assisting dogs, transitioning from a life of stress and constant demands to one of happiness and control over her own destiny, knowing her work made a significant impact.

Angela firmly believes in creating a kinder, safer, and happier world that starts with the wellbeing of both people and animals. She is dedicated to ensuring that all animals receive world-class health services. In her quest to make a difference, Angela aids dog owners in transforming their feelings of helplessness and anxiety regarding their dogs' physical health into confidence and joy. She achieves this by offering massage and rehabilitation treatments and simple yet effective core conditioning and fitness programs, ensuring dogs regain vitality.