Dog Welfare and Event Guidelines

Animal Welfare and Event Guidelines

We are all invested in achieving the highest welfare and care for all dogs attending Edition Dog Live.

Dog Conduct and Care

Edition Dog Live is a jam-packed show with lots going on, so ensure it will be the right environment for your dog before attending. The show is jam-packed with other dogs and people, and knowing your dog(s), you should consider if this is an environment they will enjoy or if it is likely to make them stressed or anxious, in which case they should not attend. Please consider the temperament of your dog before you decide to attend.

- What your dog can cope with will depend on its age, breed, health and the weather on the day. For example, suitable dogs will be healthy (physically and emotionally), not over- or under-weight, friendly towards other dogs and people, confident and calm in new places with new people. Although we have many places to sit, please consider the age and health of your dog before attending.

- Your dog's welfare is your responsibility throughout the show, and they must not be left unattended at any time.

- Dogs must be under control and on a lead at ALL times. Due to the dynamic nature of our event, extendable leads can be difficult and end up with everyone in a tangle! The organisers and staff reserve the right to ask visitors to leave if they witness any harsh handling or believe their dog is being caused undue stress or compromised mental or physical health by being at the event. Electric shock collars, prong collars, choke chains and spray collars are not allowed.

- Only well-socialised dogs (i.e. friendly towards other dogs and people, including children) should attend the event. The behaviour of your dog is YOUR responsibility. You know your dog and their temperament best, so please ensure they will be happy around many other dogs and people, including children. If your dog is fearful around other dogs or gets very stressed and anxious, it will likely not enjoy the day.

- Dogs should not be dressed in costumes or clothing restricting their movement or natural behaviour. We ask that for the comfort and enjoyment of the day for your dog, they are not dressed up in costumes or any clothing restricting their behaviour.

- Dogs should be healthy and fit enough to participate in have-a-go activities. Enter them based on your knowledge of your dog, their fitness and veterinary history. Please follow any instructions you are given closely. Dogs should not be forced to interact or do anything they don't want to. Please ask a staff member for more details about any of the activities if you are unsure if they suit your dog.

- As a legal requirement, dogs should have a collar, a tag with their owner's name and address inscribed on it, and a phone number on which the owner can be contacted.

- When travelling, we ask you to follow the advice of all the major charities and government and ensure that your dog is transported safely by adequately securing them in the vehicle with a suitable harness or a suitable carrier, rather than be loose in the car.

- Water will be available for you to fill your dog's portable water bowl and we will have bowls available in the Edition Dog Magazine Lounge

- Your dog(s) must not be left unattended in a vehicle during the event (or at any time). If poor weather turns into direct sun, it can take only a few minutes for a car to reach temperatures threatening their welfare and even their life.

- Please ensure that you follow the standard Veterinary advice and that your dog is correctly vaccinated to prevent disease. Do not bring your dog if they appear to feel unwell, have suffered from vomiting or diarrhoea within the past 48 hours, or you suspect they are suffering from a contagious condition.

- Bitches in season must not attend the event.

- We all want a clean site, so please be a responsible dog owner and clean up after your dog. Please bring dog waste bags with you.

Health and Safety of Visitors

- An adult MUST accompany children under the age of 16.

- Edition Media Ltd, the organisers of Edition Dog Live, can take no responsibility for visitors' medical conditions. If any visitor doubts their ability to participate in any activities, they should seek medical advice or refrain from taking part.

- Persons attending Edition Dog Live do so at their own risk. Edition Media Ltd, its sponsors, contractors and agents will not be liable in any way for injury, loss, damage or death that might occur due to participation at Edition Dog Live unless by negligence on their part.

Emergency Procedures

- If your dog has a problem at the event, please contact the organisers for veterinary assistance.

- If you become concerned for a dog's welfare at the event, please get in touch with the organisers, who will pass your concern on to our events team.


By visiting Edition Dog Live, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the show. You also acknowledge that you participate in the show at your own risk. Edition Dog Live accepts no liability whatsoever for any accidental damage or loss of any kind, whether direct or consequential, suffered by you, your family or your dog(s) in relation to visiting Edition Dog Live, provided that nothing shall exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

Filming and Photography

Participants consent to being filmed/photographed for security and broadcast without payment by attending the event.