Dr Conor Brady (new for 2024)

Dr Conor Brady is set to bring his extensive canine nutrition and health expertise to the forefront. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to listen to his insightful talk, where he will delve into the principles of natural canine feeding and the profound impact of nutrition on a dog's behaviour and physiology. Beyond the illuminating lecture, Dr. Brady will be available at his exhibition stand throughout the day, offering a more personal interaction. This will be an invaluable chance for enthusiasts and professionals to engage directly with Dr Brady, ask questions, and discuss the nuanced aspects of canine wellbeing. His presence promises to be one of the event's highlights, making it an unmissable occasion for all who are dedicated to the health and happiness of their dogs.

After completing his doctorate, Dr. Conor Brady dedicated five years to Guide Dogs as a pup supervisor and trainer. During his tenure with Guide Dogs in Australia, he became acutely aware of the significant benefits of raw feeding. Besides a brief period as a raw producer, Dr. Brady has devoted his career to being a full-time writer, speaker, and fervent advocate for natural canine feeding and health. His extensive knowledge and experience in the field are encapsulated in his book, "Feeding Dogs," which is not only the culmination of his work but also stands as a recommended read among his professional peers.

Dr Brady resides in Wicklow, Ireland, with his wife and two young daughters. He is also the proud owner of a slightly unusual blue roan cocker named Dudley. Dudley may not be the most refined or intelligent of dogs, but what he lacks in finesse and brains, he compensates with a relentless determination—a trait he seemingly shares with Dr. Brady. In addition to his practical experience, Dr Brady holds an Honours degree in Zoology and a Doctorate focusing on the impact of nutrition on the behaviour and gut morphology of mammals. He is also the esteemed author of "Feeding Dogs," the top-rated manual on canine nutrition on Amazon.

You can join Dr Brady for his talk in the Demo & Talk Hub and on stand number 78 throughout the day to ask all your questions.