Emily Bright

Don't miss the opportunity to meet Emily Bright at Edition Dog Live, where she will be a featured expert. You can connect with Emily throughout the day at the Training Hub, where she will share her wealth of knowledge on dog behaviour and provide valuable training advice. Whether you're a seasoned dog owner or a newcomer, Emily's empathetic approach and expertise make her the perfect resource to help you understand and address any canine behaviour challenges. Join us at Edition Dog Live for an enriching experience with Emily Bright and gain insights into fostering a harmonious relationship with your dog.

Emily Bright is a versatile professional with a multifaceted background. She is a proficient dog trainer and a freelance writer, contributing to various canine publications. Furthermore, Emily co-presents the engaging podcast "Dog Heroes" and has previously served as a caregiver for dogs featured on Channel 4's "The Dog House." Her dual role as a qualified therapist within the NHS sets Emily apart, demonstrating her expertise in canine behaviour and human interaction.

Emily approaches her work empathetically and non-judgmentally, making her an ideal partner in helping you achieve your canine-related goals. Her focus extends beyond just training dogs; she supports and guides dog owners to build strong bonds and positive relationships with their dogs. Emily understands that, ultimately, the owners benefit most from her teachings.

Emily has been immersed in their world since childhood with a lifelong passion for dogs. She spent three years in dog rescue, specialising in caring for and rehabilitating rescued adolescents and ex-street dogs. At her home, Emily shares her life with a Belgian and German Shepherd X, who are always close by her side.

In her quest for continuous improvement, Emily has completed IMDT workshops in dog behaviour and training, and she is currently pursuing a level 5 diploma in dog behaviour. She is proud to be an approved member of esteemed organisations such as the International Society of Animal Professionals (ISAP), The Dog Welfare Alliance (DWA), the International Companion Animal Network, and Professional Dog Businesses UK.

You can meet Emily throughout the day in our Training & Behaviour Hub