Emily Bright

Emily Bright is a dog trainer, freelance writer for canine publications, co-presenter of the podcast Dog Heroes and former dog carer at the home of Channel 4's The Dog House. Working additionally as a qualified therapist within the NHS, her skills are not only in dog behaviour and training but in people too! Emily offers an empathic and non-judgemental approach to help you to achieve your canine goals, and she is happy to support and guide you to get the best from your dog - after all, it's you she'll be teaching more than your dog!
Emily has lived with dogs all her life and worked in dog rescue for 3 years, with a particular interest in rescued, adolescent and ex-street dogs. At home, she has a Belgian Shepherd and a German Shepherd X who are never too far from her feet!
Emily has completed IMDT workshops in dog behaviour and training, and is currently undergoing a level 5 diploma in dog behaviour. She is an approved member of the International Society of Animal Professionals (ISAP), The Dog Welfare Alliance (DWA), International Companion Animal Network and Professional Dog Businesses UK.

You can meet Emily throughout the day in our Training & Behaviour Hub and join her for talks in the Demo & Talk Hub. 

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Sarah Roper KCAI CD R QIDTI, also known as the multidog maven and is a qualified Kennel club accredited instructor scheme in both companion dog training and in competitive Rally. She is also a qualified international dog training instructor and canine first responder instructor.
Sarah is passionate about using reward based, kind and effective methods with both dogs and their owners achieving the best results. Having been around dogs for as long as she can remember, Sarah starting working with them professionally in 2005. Sarah’s Superpowers are multi dog households, puppies and barky/fearful dogs.

Trisha Heath is a professional dog groomer and having ran her business for over 10 years, she has seen many skin issues caused by many different things. This led her to start studying Canine Dermatology and then she began adjusting my grooming to suit different skin types and the result was a happy dog with a healthy coat!
Trisha further studied the compositions of shampoo and cosmetics and she found it really depressing. So, she began making her own shampoos for herself and her dogs. Trisha found herself being asked to create shampoo bars for other people and the popularity led to the foundations of her business, Berries & Leaves.
Trisha is very proud to be the first dog groomer in the UK with the highest DAATA-ICDG qualification in dermatology and cosmetology. She is so passionate about this and loves to spread the word, with science leading the way, and encourage pet owners to double check what they are putting on their animals and themselves.

Natalie Lenton is the Director of the Canine Massage Therapy Centre Ltd and founder and chairperson of the Canine Massage Guild, the largest association of Clinical Canine Massage Therapists with practitioners all over the globe. Natalie has been working with and talking about fascia for around 15 years and loves it so much she even based her method, or The Lenton Method on it. This method is now being tested in the world’s first research and clinical trials into the efficacy of canine massage therapy by Winchester University and Sparsholt University Centre. Natalie wrote and delivers along with her team the 2-year Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner Programme externally accredited by LANTRA, delivers 4 different workshops for the general public, has written and delivers a further 14 courses in advanced clinical canine massage for CPD for practising therapists and also provides training and career development for canine massage Workshop Instructors who want to bring the magic of canine massage to others. She is also the author of the best-selling DVD, ‘Canine Massage in 3 Easy Steps’. She lives in Worcestershire with her partner and 3 best friends, Gravy the JRT, Nell the Greyhound and Lyra the collie X.

Dr Nick Thompson was born in Oxford, UK, and grew up in Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds in England. He attended the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh and as well as completing his degree in veterinary medicine and surgery, he also undertook an Honours degree in Pathological Sciences, concentrating mainly on immunology, but picking up a smattering of molecular biology, virology, bacteriology and parasitology on the way. He practiced across various areas of the UK and began in homeopathy in 1993 at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital with the Faculty of Homeopathy and subsequently a course through the Homeopathic Professionals Teaching Group and this coincided with a change from conventional to integrating alternative and conventional therapies in a first opinion practice. He completed IVAS Certification in veterinary Acupuncture in 1998 and the same year passed membership exams for the Faculty of Homeopathy. Nick’s current practice is Holisticvet Ltd, based in Bath at the Apthorp Centre for Chiropractic and Holistic Therapies.

Dani Hickman and her team from Dog First Aid will be on hand all day to give you First Aid advice, tips and tell you more about why every dog owner should do a Canine First Aid Course.

Four Paws Groom School and their team of expert groomers will be hosting a series of grooming demonstrations in their designated hub. You can also meet the team to ask any grooming questions and find out more about grooming courses. The timetable for demonstrations & groomers attending will be announced soon.