Four Paws Grooming School & iPet Network

Exciting news for dog lovers at Edition Dog Live! Four Paws Groom School & IPet Network are making a special appearance; you won't want to miss it. You can connect with their expert team at the Grooming Hub throughout the event.

The event offers a comprehensive exploration into the art of dog grooming as the Four Paws Groom School team showcases their remarkable grooming prowess. Seasoned groomers and pet parents eager to learn will find this an invaluable chance to gather insights, pose questions, and observe grooming techniques first hand. Edition Dog Live is the platform for this grooming extravaganza, courtesy of Four Paws Groom School.

Four Paws Groom School is steadfast in its commitment to empowering individuals with the necessary skills to ensure proper animal care, with animal welfare being of utmost importance in every endeavour, including dog and cat grooming. These versatile skills are relevant and crucial across the animal care and veterinary science industry, offering students a solid foundation to thrive in various sectors.

The school takes pride in its rich heritage of achievements, with alumni including award-winning dog groomers, respected judges, charismatic TV personalities, successful business owners, top-tier corporate professionals, and even entrepreneurs with their product lines. Each individual began their journey driven by a profound love for pets, seeking an educational institution that resonated with their values.

Since its inception in 2009, Four Paws Groom School has played a pivotal role in helping over a thousand individuals embark on rewarding careers in dog grooming. The school takes immense pride in the highly skilled and motivated groomers who have achieved their aspirations with its support. The team of dedicated professionals at Four Paws possesses extensive knowledge and experience in every aspect of the pet care industry.

In the current era, pets are cherished more than ever, with pet owners seeking reassurance that their dogs are in the hands of trained and qualified professionals. These professionals ensure that pets leave the grooming salon content and are impeccably groomed.

In Cheshire, Fern Gresty, a Director at Four Paws Groom School, initiated the school's journey, driven by her struggle to find a dog groomer who met her exacting standards. Collaborating with like-minded professionals, she crafted courses that maintain the highest grooming standards, continuously evolving with the industry's practices and techniques. In 2015, Sarah Mackay joined the school, infusing it with her creative energy and unwavering dedication to quality education. Fern and Sarah strive to inspire their students to pursue their passion for animal care while raising industry standards.

As the demand for qualified pet groomers surged, Four Paws Groom School expanded in 2021, inaugurating a new branch in Ledbury, Herefordshire. Belinda Morris stepped into the role of Director for the Ledbury training school, bringing over 15 years of experience in the dog grooming field. Her journey, which began in Ireland and led her to the UK, included achieving level 2 and 3 dog grooming qualifications, a higher diploma in dog grooming, membership in the guild of master groomers, and a level 4 qualification. Belinda's vast experience in both independent and corporate salons, combined with her teaching background, positions her perfectly to guide aspiring groomers while continuing her journey of learning and development. The dynamic leadership trio of Fern, Sarah, and Belinda now offers their support to others aspiring to make their mark in the animal care field.

In 2024, the reach of Four Paws Groom School extended further, with Fern and Sarah inaugurating the Four Paws Groom School Shropshire branch in Market Drayton. This expansion marks the introduction of the school's esteemed educational programs to the Midlands, enabling an even more significant number of students to pursue their dreams in animal care. Situated just below the iPET Network offices, this branch is poised to become a cornerstone of animal education and excellence.