Sarah Roper

Exciting news for dog enthusiasts! Sarah Roper, renowned as the "Multi-dog Maven," will be a featured expert at Edition Dog Live. You'll have the exclusive opportunity to connect with Sarah throughout the day at the Training Hub, where she will share her extensive knowledge of dog behaviour and offer invaluable training advice.

Whether you're a seasoned dog owner or new to canine companionship, Sarah's expertise in reward-based and compassionate training methods makes her the ideal resource for addressing all your canine behaviour inquiries. Join us at Edition Dog Live for an enlightening experience with Sarah Roper and gain insights into fostering a harmonious relationship with your dog.

Sarah Roper, recognised as the "Multi-dog Maven," holds esteemed qualifications in canine training. She is a certified instructor under the Kennel Club Accredited Instructor Scheme (KCAI) for companion dog training and competitive Rally. Additionally, Sarah boasts qualifications as an international dog training instructor and a canine first responder instructor.

Sarah's driving passion lies in employing reward-based, compassionate, and highly effective methods for dogs and their owners, consistently achieving outstanding results. Her journey with dogs began as far back as she can remember, and she ventured into professional dog work in 2005. Sarah's exceptional expertise shines in her ability to navigate multi-dog households, nurture puppies, and assist with barky or fearful dogs, truly showcasing her "Superpowers" in the canine care and training world.

You can meet Sarah throughout the day in our Training & Behaviour Hub and join her for talks in the Demo & Talk Hub.