Trisha Heath

Prepare to meet Trisha Heath, a skincare expert for your four-legged companions, at Edition Dog Live. You'll have the exclusive opportunity to connect with Trisha throughout the day at the Skin Care Hub, where she will provide invaluable insights into the world of dog skin health.

Discover all you need to know about caring for your dog's skin and maintaining wellbeing. Plus, don't miss the chance to receive a complimentary skin health check for your dog. Join us at Edition Dog Live for a personalised and informative experience with Trisha Heath, ensuring your dog enjoys a lifetime of healthy skin and overall happiness.

Trisha Heath is a seasoned professional in the field of dog grooming, with over a decade of experience running her own successful business. Throughout her career, she encountered numerous skin issues in dogs caused by various factors. This prompted her to delve into the study of Canine Dermatology, enabling her to adapt her grooming techniques to cater to different skin types. The result? Happy dogs with healthy coats.

As she delved deeper into her craft, Trisha took a closer look at the composition of shampoos and cosmetics, which left her disheartened. In response, she created her line of shampoos for personal use and her dogs. The positive response from others led to establishing her business, Berries & Leaves.

Notably, Trisha takes immense pride in being the first dog groomer in the UK to hold the highest DAATA-ICDG qualification in dermatology and cosmetology. Her passion for this field is evident, and she is dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of using safe and scientifically sound products on pets and their owners. Trisha encourages pet owners to be vigilant and make informed choices when selecting products for their beloved animals and themselves.

You can meet Trisha throughout the day in the Skin Care Hub for free skin checks & advice, and join her for her talk in the Demo and Talk Hub.