Join the Picnic Party (new for 2024)

Imagine this: a sprawling indoor picnic where the guest of honour is your dog, wagging their tail in anticipation of a culinary delight. This is not just any picnic; it's the COYA Picnic at Edition Dog Live 2024. It is a place where pet owners and their beloved dogs come together to relax, mingle, and, most importantly, discover a ground-breaking approach to pet nutrition.

Enter COYA, the trailblazing pet nutrition brand, rewriting the rulebook on raw feeding. With a mission to simplify raw feeding and make it accessible to every pet owner, COYA is changing the game with their innovative Freeze-Dried Raw food, toppers, and treats. This is not just food; it's a celebration of health and convenience, a testament to COYA's commitment to providing the best nutrition without the usual hassle associated with raw diets.

As you pull up a blanket and settle in, the air buzzes with excitement. The COYA team, a group of passionate pet nutrition advocates, is ready to guide you and your dog through a taste-testing adventure. Here, amidst the laughter and barks, you'll witness the allure of COYA's freeze-dried food. Each bite is a burst of raw goodness, meticulously crafted to retain all the nutrients your dog needs and loves, minus the inconvenience.

But what makes COYA stand out? It's their unwavering dedication to revolutionising raw feeding. They understand the hurdles – the storage woes, the defrosting drama, the messy preparations. That's why they've poured their heart and soul into creating a range of products that deliver the nutritional benefits of raw food without the chores. This is raw feeding reimagined, where every meal is a hassle-free, mess-free, and stress-free experience.

As your dog savours the flavours and you mingle with fellow pet enthusiasts, you're not just part of a picnic. You're part of a movement. The COYA Picnic at Edition Dog Live 2024 is more than an event; it's a declaration that pet nutrition can be convenient, healthy, and utterly delightful.

Join us in this extraordinary celebration.