Dog First Aid

Dani Hickman and her team from Dog First Aid will be on hand all day to give you First Aid advice, tips and tell you more about why every dog owner should do a Canine First Aid Course. Dani and the team will also be taking part in our demos and talks.

Dog first aid is important as a dog owner because it promotes early diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. It means that we can act calmly in a canine emergency and rationally prioritise what requires first aid, ensuring our dogs are given the best possible chance of survival.

Did you know that when your dog has an accident, what you do in the first 5 minutes could mean the difference between life and death? Nobody wants the worst to happen and feel they could have done more. That is the worst possible outcome, and learning about Dog First Aid is a way to prevent this. 

Why this activity?

Dogs are inquisitive creatures. They are always chewing on things they shouldn’t be eating, getting into unsafe situations or getting into places they shouldn’t be exploring. Sometimes their curiosity leads to an emergency.

There are many emergencies that may arise at home or out on a walk involving our pets. In those moments it is important to be fully prepared in order to act quickly and effectively.

Everyday pets at home eat toxic food or chemicals, injure themselves on something sharp, choke on something or run across a road to be hit by a car. It is vital that they receive prompt and appropriate first aid in any of those eventualities. Surprisingly few owners and pet carers are up to speed with pet first aid.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the vet is available to help quickly enough in these urgent situations. Therefore, it is vital to have the proper knowledge and skills to react in these situations. Prompt and appropriate first aid can prevent a minor injury becoming a major one. It can reduce pain, improve outcomes and give you peace of mind that you can do the best for your pet.

For many people their dog truly is their best friend so, should their canine companion need medical help, having the security of having completed a dog first aid course can prove to be invaluable.