Rare Breeds

Unusual pooches

Our showcase features some of the rarest breeds in the UK. Join their passionate advocates as they introduce them to you and share what makes them a wonderful breed to live with. Some of these breeds are at risk of disappearing completely and now more than ever need the chance to shine.

Rare breeds of dogs are considered vulnerable to extinction due to their declining registration numbers. These breeds are defined as vulnerable if they have fewer than 300 registrations a year and on the watch list if they have between 300 and 450 registrations yearly.

These breeds have low registration numbers through no fault of their own, and they are in the position they are in due to quite often just being lesser known. Many rare breeds might be your perfect pet and fit in ideally with your lifestyle; however, they are overlooked as they are just not as recognisable.

This is your opportunity to get up close and personal with some of these breeds, and we hope that to give these dogs a chance of survival, you consider them if you're thinking about getting a dog. There are over 200 breeds of dog recognised in the UK, so there is a breed for everyone. People tend to choose a breed from the pool of breeds they have heard of before, which means that the perfect breed for them and their lifestyle might be overlooked.